Worlding with Algae

Worlding with algae, fine-art photography. Radical Landscapes exhibition, The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, 2019.

This practice of manipulating close-up photographs of algae is an attempt to steer the human gaze towards a more contemplative regard for microcosmic communities, whose growth patterns can indicate environmental toxicology. ‘Worlding with algae’ is my name for this practice. It suggests a modality for feeling across phylogenetic branches in order to reconstitute a more connected account of the environment. ‘Worlding’ has a varied history in academia, spanning feminist new materialism, phenomenology and semiotics. In essence, the gerund juxtaposes with a fixed idea of ‘the world’, as a top-down, anthropocentric objectification of all earthly things (see Palmer & Hunter 2018).

Some of the project outcomes made it to a gallery setting, others fed into further art-research.