Breathing Worlds

Art-research project, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and Modern Art Oxford, 2020-21.

Breathing Worlds used experimental practices to draw together research about breathing from different areas of knowledge. An academic counterpart to Breathworks, Breathing Worlds culminated in a large-scale research collage, a curated vitrine and a series of panel events.

This project was supported by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and co-produced with Derek McCormack, Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Oxford (journal article forthcoming).

Our installation at Modern Art Oxford became a nebulous seven-by-three-metre configuration of printed materials: an assemblage of photographs, infographics, sketches, and painstakingly selected quotations. Eventually, through collaborative effort, the content was assorted into eight areas or ‘breathing worlds’, if you will. There was: ‘breathing experience’, ‘breathing health’, ‘breathing environment’, ‘breathing politics’, ‘breathing violence’, ‘breathing technology’, ‘breathing art’, and ‘breathing is…’.

– Lucy Sabin (2020).
Breathing Worlds panel with Derek McCormack (Uni of Oxford), Patsy Isles (Words of Colour) and Alice Sharp (Invisible Dust). October 13, 2020.