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DRIFT | Performance lecture with Lucy Sabin and Sabrina Chou | 10-11 GMT | Geographies of Hope | 106 Roberts Building, UCL, London | May 25, 2023 | Book (free) tickets here

During this performance lecture with artist-researchers Sabrina Chou and Lucy Sabin, we shall contemplate drifting as not specific to one element or medium but as an orientation for thinking through material relations. Drifting is immersive and open-ended, an opportunity to be enchanted by material mobilities and the mobilities of matter not from an isolated perspective or with an illusion of escapism, but in the middle of things.

“I think one of the connective threads between your drifting with dust and my submerged flows is this notion of how to approach the other, and drifting as a mode of relating, and being in the midst of things is an exciting prospect, looking at the materiality of substance in movement and the epistemological as well as social and political consequences of doing so.” – SC