EXPOSICIÓN (Exibition/Exposure)

Elusive Exposures promotional poster

Part of an art residency at mLAB, University of Bern, May 2022.

‘Exposición’ can refer to an art exhibition as well as exposure to toxicity. This solo exposición is inspired by fieldwork in Huelva, an area of intensive agricultural and industrial activity in Southwest Spain, where people are exposed to pollution from numerous sources. The objective of the exposición is to provide an immersive experience of the unique aesthetics of the landscape in Huelva, thereby encouraging sensorial engagement, space for reflection, and discussion.

The exhibition will take place as a series of artistic interventions scattered across the ground floor of the Geography Institute at the University of Bern. I have planned photography installations, an immersive installation, and a mobile performance. There will be continuity between the installations and the performance, between the research and the exhibition, and between the outdoors and the indoors.

About the research

During this month-long art residency at the University of Bern, I am collaborating with soil scientist, Adrien Mestrot, and geographer, Nora Komposch. We are guided by the research question, How can we make exposures to toxicity visible, while conveying scale and complexity?

Our project, Elusive Exposures, began with the idea to create a multimedia map of Huelva, indicating sources and trajectories of pollution in the province, from pesticides to smokestacks, waste dumps, and heavy metals from mining.

We then devised an events programme at Bern (see above image) to create opportunities for sharing knowledges across disciplines, and reflecting on local sites. Besides my exhibition, we are collectively participating in tours of local farms, visiting scientific laboratories, and coordinating symposia about Plant Protection Products (PPPs).

See the mLAB website for further information: https://mlab.unibe.ch/elusive-exposures-event-series/