Upcoming Event: In the Air

You are warmly invited to attend

In the Air

a virtual talk by Andrew Barry and Lucy Sabin

on Wednesday 5 May, 2021, from 9.30 to 11 am (BST)

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This art-geography conversation will explore various conditions for sensing and representing atmospheric conditions. Serendipitous observations will revolve around a series of curated artefacts (small objects and images) sent via slow mail by PhD student Lucy Sabin to her supervisor Andrew Barry. In responding to the artefacts, selected for their narrative and imaginative affordances, the speakers will contribute to alternative epistemologies of ‘air quality’ from both personal and speculative vantage points considering material, chemical, affective and aesthetic dimensions among others.

This talk forms part of the IAS five-year anniversary festival on the theme of ‘Alternative Epistemologies’.

Andrew Barry (he/him) studied physics and the history and the philosophy of science, and subsequently completed a PhD in Science and Technology Studies. He has previously written on the politics of air quality measurement, the conduct of interdisciplinary research, and the idea of Chemical Geography. His most recent book is Material Politics: Disputes along the Pipeline. Andrew taught Sociology at Goldsmiths, where he co-founded the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process, and was Professor of Political Geography at Oxford University, before joining UCL as Professor of Human Geography in 2013.

Lucy Sabin (she/her) is an artist-researcher whose mixed media practice blends environmental humanities, embodied experience and new media. Her recent projects commissioned by Modern Art Oxford – Breathworks and Breathing Worlds – used participatory methods and curatorial practices to articulate and highlight the political and personal theme of breathing. Lucy continues to explore imaginaries of breath, air and the atmosphere as part of her practice-related PhD between the UCL Department of Geography and Slade School of Fine Art with an LAHP Award. Her supervisors are Andrew Barry and Joy Sleeman. Lucy’s work strives to join the dots between arts and sciences, materiality and semiology, facts and feelings.

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