Breathing Worlds – Panel Event

Recording courtesy of TORCH.

Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme convened by TORCH, University of Oxford, in partnership with Modern Art Oxford.

Our panel explores breath-related research across the arts, humanities and social sciences as well as our own lived experiences. The presentations and discussions reflect on world events and the instances of breathlessness that have been made palpable throughout the course of 2020. A breath meditation is offered at the beginning and end of this recording.

A direct follow-up to Breathworks, the participatory arts project led by Lucy Sabin, Breathing Worlds was convened as part of TORCH’s Humanities Cultural Programme. Fellow speakers were Derek McCormack, Principal Investigator and Professor of Cultural Geography at the University of Oxford; Patsy Isles, Creative Wellbeing Associate at Words of Colour; Alice Sharp, Founder and Artistic Director of Invisible Dust. The Chair is Emma Ridgway, Head of Programme at Modern Art Oxford.

Sabin, L. (2020). Opening presentation, Breathing Worlds. Humanities Cultural
Programme, TORCH, University of Oxford. Tuesday 13 October. Transcript available here.