Breathworks: Teaser for the Teaser Video

Above is a prototype for the Breathworks teaser video, which I created while working from home, using the underside of my duvet as a recording studio! It is my hope that this art–research project will ease anxiety, bring mindfulness to digital interactions and encourage people to have fun with limited resources. In case you missed my previous post, here’s a brief description of the concept, delivery and aims.

Breathworks is a participatory project that brings people together in the digital realm to creatively explore their relationship with their breath. The project will focus on presenting a series of audience-created ‘breathworks’ online. Broader discussions will touch upon wide-ranging themes, from air pollution and anxiety to yoga and mindfulness.

Breathworks is a new way of working for the commissioning gallery, Modern Art Oxford. It will contribute to the creative digital capacity within the organisation, establishing a model that can be applied to other projects in the future.  Breathworks will also support an organisational shift from online as a passive repository of information towards an engaged and proactive digital space that augments the artistic programme and provides meaningful and relevant platforms of exchange. 

The project will have a bespoke platform where content is uploaded and shared. This web platform will constantly evolve, complemented by existing social media channels. Implementation will be led by myself as freelance Creative Associate (Digital), and managed by MAO’s Digital Content Curator, Andrée Latham, with support from colleagues in Digital, Marketing & Communications at the gallery.

While we initially planned to launch the open call in August, its themes and aims have newfound relevance owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as physical exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled at the gallery. It is envisaged that Breathworks will play a more important role in the gallery’s programming throughout summer and into September, when the project outcomes will have a physical presence in the reopened gallery, depending on physical distancing regulations of course. It’s all up in the air. 

Email for more information. And make sure to follow @lucyartyoga and @mao_gallery on Instagram.