Making research PUBLIC!

The time has arrived to finalise plans for ‘making research public’ at the end-of-year exhibition. I will display my thesis (online version in my portfolio) alongside an interactive installation:

Visitors will be able to sit on a park bench with a plaque reading ‘in memory of air’. I wish to represent the public or shared nature of atmosphere as well as the art of pausing to notice. They will listen to a continuous recording of natural breathing, to which their own rhythm of inhales and exhales will necessarily respond.

The install will appear in a room with other incredible works by Communication postgraduate students who are investigating niches like smell and painting, shadow and cinema, memes and culture.

Oh yes, and I’m presenting Atmospheric Cartography at 1.10 pm during the day-long Symposium on Thursday 12th (e-vite below). Artist Nils Norman will be there to respond to our work!!!

Please RSVP if you would like to join any of the week’s events.

MRes RCA Final Show

General exhibition 9th-12th September, all day 10-6

POW! Symposium on interdisciplinary ‘collisions’, Thursday 12th, 10-6

*Private view* on Thursday 12th, 6-8 pm

All at RCA, Kensington, SW7 2EU

E-vite by Pham Thuy Duong (Elly) in After Effects.