Gallery view of stills from Breathworks. Participatory arts online. Credit: Lucy Sabin, 2020.

Lucy Sabin (she, her) is an artist–researcher whose work explores the interplay between media and environments, with a particular focus on themes of atmospheres and breathing. Her emerging practice has been featured by BBC Radio 4 and BBC Arts. Lucy has also been selected by Arts Council England as an awardee of Developing Your Creative Practice. Drawing upon an MRes in Communication Design from the Royal College of Art, Lucy is undertaking doctoral research in the UCL Department of Geography with support from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership. 

Lucy worked for several years as a website designer and developer while teaching accessible and culturally-aware yoga with the Vajrasati School. She continues to bring knowledge of the technology industry and somatic practices into her teaching and practice-related research. As a Visiting Lecturer, Lucy has taught interface and interaction design at the University of Brighton, University for the Creative Arts, and Arts University Bournemouth. A member of several interdisciplinary networks, Lucy sees herself as part of a wider movement that strives to join the dots between arts and sciences, poetics and politics, facts and feelings. 

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